Analyzing the Latest Most Profitable Google AdSense Words

Google AdSense

Handy little list for all users of Google AdSense, this is a list of some AdSense keywords, and this is the list of the highest-paying AdSense keywords.

Talk about any of these subjects on a blog with a Google ad in the sidebar, get the listed dollar amount every time somebody clicks the ad.

Well, as the site explains elsewhere, it’s not that simple! You have to have original content, be a site in good standing, etc. You can’t just post the list and expect it to do anything.

We ran some data-crunching on the list just to see what the top-ten most expensive words are by frequency:

118 mesothelioma
71 attorney
62 removal
62 hair
52 lawyer
44 laser
43 insurance
43 google
42 life
42 hosting

Clearly, our new word for the day is “mesothelioma“, a cancer commonly caused by asbestos. Construction workers and others exposed to asbestos the world over are suing the pants off their former employers, and lawyers apparently consider it money in the bank. This is no laughing matter; asbestos is nasty stuff and mesothelioma’s primary symptom is shortness of breath.

Laser hair removal surgery is also a big business. With more countries of the world becoming more liberal and posing in a swimsuit for their photo on MySpace, it stands to reason.

Google itself has a cottage industry around it, with experts all over the web who can’t wait to tell you all about Google’s products and services and how they can improve your life.

That leaves ‘hosting’ in the top ten, followed by ‘web’, #11 at 38 hits. Even though web hosting itself is pretty cheap these days, it’s a high-profit business because of the huge volume. Other honorable mention goes to home mortgage refinancing and loans.

There it all is! Now, how to make all of that become stimulating, relevant, and useful content?